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Video of Baby Goat Following Her Mom Around the House Couldn’t Be Sweeter

There is no truer love than of a child for its mama. And that's especially true of animals too! Unfortunately for one woman that means her kid — er, baby goat that is — follows her everywhere and now she's shared video of her "shadow" online. 

Emmylou is the star of her owner's TikTok page, @emmylouthegoat, and as the page shows it's not easy raising a kid. Just like a human infant, @emmylouthegoat, has to get up for 6 AM feedings, diaper changes, and of course bath time. But it was a recent video that attracted over 3.6 million views. The footage shows Emmylou trailing behind her mother — and apparently it's a pretty common sight around their house. "I follow mom all around the house and when I can’t find her I scream," her owner joked it in the video's caption.

People in the comments section were absolutely smitten. "I am now obsessed with baby goats," @literalopossum wrote. "So it’s now my dream to have a baby got in a diaper running around my house," @depleteduser quipped. "I don't need a goat, I don't need a goat, I don't need a goat...." @sashagreer6 joked. "My girls trying to get me home from the club," @italiana448 teased. 

Many people asked to hear Emmylou's "scream" and the TikToker was happy to oblige. In a second video shared on her page, she gave the people what they wanted. "The moment you all have been waiting for…the scream," she wrote. 

Just another day in the life of a goat mom.