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Video of Tiny Baby Goats Jumping Around the Barn Is Going Viral

Every once in a while, we get random bursts of energy that we need to let out. Some people have a consistent outlet for these moments, such as going on a run, but others, especially children, will just let the energy out in whatever way is easiest in that moment. As it turns out, the same happens to animals! Just like when a dog gets the zoomies, two baby goats happened to have a random burst of energy and the result is fantastic to watch. 

TikTok user @bexgoatutopia runs a holistic wellness farm that uses goats as a form of therapy, and she recently shared a video of a group of baby goats with their momma. Some of these baby goats seemed to have ants in their pants by the way they randomly jumped around the barn! Check out the video to see how these cuties got handled their burst of energy!

Aww, this is too cute! We love how a second baby goat joined the first one in jumping around, and the sounds of their hooves on the ground was delightful!

People in the comments fell in love with these baby goats. @pattims_16 said, "Little goats are so cute to watch frolicking around," and @stellahmai commented, "We all need some baby goats in our lives." Hanging out with baby goats seem like the perfect mood-booster!

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Others made a few jokes about how funny it is to watch these jumps. @manfromnyeri commented, "Who spiked their water with caffeine?" and @cherryvon87 asked, "Do you think they're singing a little song in their head 24/7?" With dance moves like that, they definitely had a song stuck in their head during this video!

These goats seem to be jumping for joy in this video! These little guys have a contagious happiness about them that makes us want to go check out this farm for ourselves! We hope these baby goats always continue to express themselves in this manner.

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