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Video of Baby Goats 'Demanding Hugs' Is Too Cute to Resist

Who doesn't love cuddling baby animals? They are small, soft, and absolutely adorable. One guy figured out how to turn cuddling baby goats into a job, and we are so jealous!

In the video posted on TikTok by @thepetcollective, we see the goats' caretaker surrounded by several baby goats and two alpacas, and it seems like his only job is to hug the animals! Watch how adorable it is when he picks them up one by one to hug.

OMG this is just took cute! After he puts the baby goats down, they just get back in line for another hug, and it's seriously adorable. Where do we sign up?

Many people were jealous of the caretaker! In the comments of the video, @stellerz93 said, "He's just out here living my dreams," and @mandy0766 commented, "OMG!!! That is the best job ever!!!" It totally is! People just couldn't believe how lighthearted and cute the video was. @brandyhagler5 praised the caretaker in his comment: "Awww how cute, one was like dad pick me up again LOL. You're a good dad." One of the marks of a good dad is showing his babies some love, and this man is definitely checking that box!

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Others in the comments were worried the caretaker forgot to hug the alpacas! @marta3012 said, "Alpaca waiting patiently... no hugs given," and @shanebp1977 commented, "I need to hug the alpaca now!" We need to make sure the alpacas get some hugs in the next videos!

This is all just too stinkin' cute! We'll be submitting our application to be professional baby goat cuddles later today.

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