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Baby Goats Cry Out for Their Mom at Livestock Auction and It's Heartbreaking

We can't even begin to imagine the trauma animals go through when being separated from their mothers. You can see a glimpse of how hurt and confused they are with this video from TikTok user @therileyfarmrescue. The two baby goats were for sale at a Christmas livestock auction. 

The poor babies were crying out for their mom who was separated and in a different room. Ugh, here come our tears. But before you get too upset, there's a happy ending. Check out how this Connecticut-based nonprofit rescue farm stepped up to save the day. 

Aww!! We love a happy ending! The beginning of the video really had us forming tears as we thought these babies weren't going to see their mother again. But thankfully The Riley Farm Rescue saved the family and now we're just full of happy tears. 

"Crying. Sooo happy you kept them together," said @Sisterskeeper1. We think it's safe to say everyone is happy crying over this video. @sophia_chihuahualover added, "This made me so happy." A beautiful and hopeful way to start our day! "You got all three!!! You are a hero!!!!" commented @rebeccaclark212. A hero going above and beyond to keep a precious family together! 

@susanjohnson188 wrote, "Thank you for bringing them back together and saving them." No seriously, thank you times a million. We learned in the comments that these babies were being sold for slaughter. UGH. That's why this rescue means so much. If only we could save all the animal babies. 


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