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6-Month-Old Horse Desperately Tries to Make Friends With the 'Boss Mare' in Adorable Video

We've all seen a movie where the kind and friendly main character eventually wins over the love of the bitter, lonely character. It's a tale friendship and persistence that's as old as time, but it likely isn't as common in real life as films would lead us to believe. However, one woman is seeing a similar story unfold between her foal and 'boss mare.'

TikTok user @carlysue1617 recently shared a video of her foal, Molly, trying to befriend the mare, Lola, who has been separated from the rest of the horses for being mean. Molly attempts to befriend Lola from the other side of the fence, and despite a few rebuffs, persists in her attempts at friendship! Check out the video to see Molly's sweet efforts at courting Lola.

OMG, this is so sweet! We love how Molly knew she wanted to be friends with Lola wasn't giving up on her. While Lola didn't give in to Molly's gestures of friendship yet, we know it's only a matter of time. Who could rest that foal's cute face?

People in the comments loved watching Molly's attempts to make a new friend. @macbrownie4 said, "I definitely need more Molly and Lola content in my life, this is the best thing ever," and @okiebrown commented, "She knows power when she sees it. Molly wants to learn." Molly recognizes that Lola is a very cool horse and wants to learn from the best!

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Others thought it was hilarious how the other horses, who have dealt with Lola's unfriendly personality before, sat back to watch it all unfold. @asherblade commented, 'LOL, the rest of them are just sitting there like, “I got the popcorn just here for the show.”' Another user, @seppisunflower, said, 'Peanut gallery is like “Whose kid is this? Someone needs to warn her. You do it, no you do it… Nah let’s just watch.”' This is some typical older sibling energy from these other horses!

Molly and Lola's owner posted a second video showing one of their interactions up close. Lola seems to be interested in Molly, but is still hesitant to accept the foal's friendship! See how this interaction went in the video below.

Wow, this certainly seems like a step in the right direction! We hope that Molly and Lola get their fairy tale ending with a magical friendship. Maybe under the supervision of their owner, they can continue to get to know each other until Lola accepts her new pal.

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