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Baby Lamb's Frantic Search for His New Human Mom Is Going Viral

Given just how many countless adorable videos there are floating around right now of baby goats and lambs, it's a wonder that more people haven't run out to get one. And if you haven't yet felt the urge to become a lamb mom, a new clip posted on TikTok by @jaynemays will convince you to do so.

In the video, which has over 2 million views, you'll hear and see this precious baby lamb running around the house desperately searching for his new human mommy. You'll hear her keep calling his name, "Freddy! Freddy! I'm right here!" But given the fact that she hasn't had the little guy for very long, he clearly doesn't know his name just yet. Watch what happens when he finally finds her!

Too precious for words! OMG. How have any of us lived without a baby lamb for this long? We all need one. Stat. (Sort of kidding. Farm animals aren't for everyone.) TikTok users are falling for this little lamb's sweetness and love for his new mom. One commenter, @Elda Navarro said, "Sounds like he’s crying and saying momma." Aww. It really does! Another user, @AjJordan187 added, "Freddy running back and forth past the door took me out. 😂 Poor thing. 😂." Aww. We all felt for him! And then there was @Christy, who suggested, "Do they make baby carriers to fit baby Freddy? Because he needs one so he never loses you 😂."

Freddy truly seems to be settling into his new home quite nicely. As you'll see in another video his mom shares, there was some debate over whether he's actually a goat or a lamb, but lamb seems to be the consensus!

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We hope Freddy keeps getting even calmer and more relaxed in his new home. His mom sure does love him a lot!

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