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Video of Baby Lamb Walking With a Wheelchair Is Total Cuteness Overload

The unfortunate reality is that just like humans, there are some animals that need assistance to walk. They might've lost a leg or even use in their legs. This proves to be a challenge for them to get up and move, which we all know is crucial to staying healthy. So what's an animal to do? Thankfully there are tools to help them out and it's beyond adorable!  

@walkin_pets is a TikTok account that showcases all different types of animals that are now moving thanks to special wheelchairs. And we are here for it! One video, in particular, captured our hearts and it now has over 1.8 million views. You might not be able to pinpoint what kind of animal this is at first, but let's just say the little baby will be strutting right into your heart! 

Stop it! We can't handle the cuteness! We love that there are resources now for animals to get the help they need to walk. Not only does a wheelchair give them the ability to walk, but we're sure it gives them a confidence boost and a new quality of life. 

"IS IT A COW IS IT A GOAT IS IT A DOG? I guess I'll never know," joked @Nevaeh Wallace. LOL! Don't worry, the spot threw us off and we thought it was a baby cow. Then the tail was wagging so we thought it had to be a dog, but we were wrong! The creator commented saying it wasn't a cow. She just had "moo moo" spots. LOL! Turns out it was a baby lamb! But it doesn't matter what kind of animal this spotted sweetheart is because we are still so in love! And we're so glad to see the baby lamb moving! 

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You can even tell how happy the little cutie is to be on the move. As @that_on3..s1mpppp pointed out, "AW THE LITTLE WAG 😭😭." Right?! The tail wagging was everything. This precious video will be getting us through the week!

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