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Baby and New Puppy's Instant Bond Is Capturing People's Hearts

You always remember the exact moment you met your bestie. Maybe it was a fated day in science class — or maybe your mom brought home a brand new puppy and then BOOM, you've got yourself a BFF. Video of a little girl meeting her Borgi (that's a Border Collie and Poodle mix) shows this exact situation. We can't get enough of this adorable twosome!

Mom Linda (@lisademz) was admittedly a little nervous to introduce her infant to their new dog, but we think the meeting went swimmingly. Right away Linda's daughter seemed super into the puppy, and then the pup gave the girl some kisses cementing their friendship. "This was them almost immediately after meeting," the video's text overlay reads. The video then cuts to another shot of the two playing together. Warning: it's definitely going to melt your heart.

"Instant best friends," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section just loved seeing these two together. "Just two babies doing they thing," @loudtyrantyouth joked. “Thank you for the puppy sized hooman, mother," @tamietamcake kidded. "It’s the best thing you can ever do!! It’s a magical bond and she’ll have a forever friend," @willowohno added. "This is the sweetest thing ever. They're gonna grow up together," @zoeruscheinsky wrote. 

Yep, that's for sure! Just take a look at another video on the page, which shows the two being the best of pals. "These two are just the cutest," the video's caption states. 

This is the start of something special. This little one is going to have so many good memories one day.