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Video of Baby Moose Playing in a Pool Is Something We Don't See Every Day

Alaska is one of those states that you don't believe it until you see it. The beauty, the peacefulness, the wildlife. Luckily we have the Internet and apps like TikTok so we can get a piece of the other world without having to travel. Although, videos like what TikTok user @slc20211 posted make us want to move to Alaska in a heartbeat! 

This TikToker who lives in the 49th state originally set up a plastic pool for her dogs who apparently loved every second of it. Well, what dog doesn't love playing in the pool? When the tired dogs finally came inside, a new animal came to test out the waters. And trust us, you have never seen something like this before! 

No, you're eyes didn't deceive you...that is a real-life baby moose playing in the water! What a precious little cutie. That's definitely something you don't see every day, but we absolutely wouldn't mind seeing it again! We wonder if the baby moose will come back again now that he's found a new way to play. 

"Just wanted to make a little splash😂," commented @Jonathan Acre. Nothing crazy, just a quick dip and run. LOL! We're so glad this family didn't kick the baby moose out of the pool because as @Sanja Milinkovic wrote, "Babies are babies, no matter what species❤️ Just want to play." So true! 

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There were several TikTokers wondering if this baby moose was playing in the pool unsupervised. Don't worry, mamas are mamas no matter what species! And this mama moose was watching very closely. Take a look! 

Aww! She totally was acting like a human mom who wants to get their kids out of the pool. @jayhay8584 wrote, "Baby is like, 'Momma I’m not done swimming.'" LOL! Come on Mom, he just wants 5 more minutes! 

Again, this video reminded us how other parts of the country live with wildlife knocking at their door. As @amylopp puts it, "I live in the wrong place." Right?! BRB, looking for houses in Alaska right now! 

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