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Ocean Cleaning Crew Finds a Cute and Unexpected Surprise While Picking Up Debris

One of our favorite things about TikTok is that you can learn something new every day. And now that we landed on animal-tok, we're constantly learning about different animal tips, tricks and facts. Plus, every once in a while there will be an animal we've never seen before! For instance, TikTok user @mermaid.kayleigh showed us a clip of an unexpected marine life animal. Ok, so maybe not so unexpected. We’ve all seen them before, but seeing this animal in baby form gave us a whole new perspective! 

One day, Kayleigh and the ocean cleaning crew were out on the water gathering trash. A piece of styrofoam was floating by so they of course went to pick it up. Before throwing it out, they had to double-check nothing was living on it. And luckily they did because they found four little critters - one crab and three baby octopuses. Baby octopuses?! Based on the fact this video has over 1.9 million views, we have a feeling we aren’t the only ones who haven’t seen a baby octopus before! Watch what they do to save these little fellas! 

We can’t get over how cute they are! She explained in the video that baby octopuses will live on debris floating on the ocean’s surface before they’re big enough to move to the ocean floor. That’s why they checked the styrofoam! And they moved these beautiful little things to a natural habitat - a pineapple top. Talk about a home upgrade!

Ohh, so this is how the Spongegbob story started?! LOL! @shan_shea already got the new theme song stuck in our heads, “🎶They live on a pineapple on top of the sea. Baby octopi!🎶.” Or better yet, this could be a new children’s book. “I want a children’s book about 3 baby octopuses and a crab floating on a pineapple,” said @Enu Basli. YES! That would be a NY Times bestseller for sure!

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"Ahh my that is so amazing I’ve never seen any baby octopuses🐙😍🤗," wrote @lexylouise. Now that we've seen a baby octopus, we need more! Thank you x1000 to this crew for saving these little babies and for all the work they do to clean up trash from the ocean.

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