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Video of Baby and Yorkie Pup Enjoying Playtime Together Is the Stuff of Dreams

A big part of parenting a little one is teaching them how to share. Frequently, that's not a lesson that's learned easily, but we have a lot of hope for an infant named Hudson on TikTok and his Yorkie, Riley, who showed everyone that they're both pros at playing nice. 

Footage of the dynamic duo has attracted over 1 million views online, but that's probably because it's almost too cute for words. The video from Meredith Watkins (@laurenmeredithw2) shows Little Hudson playing with a dragon-shaped stuffed animal when his "pup sister" Riley came over to investigate. But don't worry, Hudson seems absolutely delighted to see his sis. The little bub can't help but crack up as Riley tries to take his toy from him, but it's all love between the two. Take a look at how much Hudson smiles when Riley's near him in the footage below.

Thousands of people commented on the post and many noted that these seem like the happiest best friends ever. "So adorable. Nothing like the honest delightful laughter of baby," @downtoearth455 wrote. "That is so cute watching those two playing together. Oh such beautiful laughter," @grannydixon59 remarked. "This has got to be my all time favorite dog-baby playtime giggles. OMG can this get any cuter?" @star2pick wondered. "Got my laughter for the day," @bjpw78 commented. 

Later in the thread, Watkins explained that even though Riley might seem "intense and loud" that's really not the case. She "plays super gently with baby brother," she wrote. "Riley dog is just happy to get some attention these days. #blessher." 

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And in the end, "Hud loves playing keep away from his doggie sister!" she added. 

Which is all that matters.

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