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Baby's Precious Reaction to Baby Ducks Totally Wins the Internet

We've been inspired by a recent TikTok video for a new series that someone needs to create. (And if it goes viral, remember who gave you the idea!) Just imagine a whole account dedicated to little kids meeting different kinds of animals for the first time. How precious would that be?! And of course, the first video would be from the one who gave us the idea in the first place, TikTok user @abiapps!  

The inspiration came from a little girl meeting her aunt's baby ducks for the first time. The girl and two baby ducks are all sitting together on what looks like a bed. She must've not known what to do because for the first few seconds she's completely silent. But when she finally processes the cuteness, her reaction is absolutely priceless! 

Aww! Her hands were flopping all over the place because she couldn’t believe what was in front of her. And then her eyes, too! She didn’t want to miss one second of those ducklings. That’s how we look when we see our food coming to us in a restaurant. LOL! 

“She really said 😯,” commented @Isabel Silva. She was in complete shock before she could even mutter out a sound. To be fair, we wouldn’t know what to say if we got to play with little ducklings either. We’d be astonished by all the cuteness. “Sensory overload 😂,” added @Betty. Ha, ok so maybe this is the reason the little girl was speechless. There was so much going on! 

After seeing this clip, don’t you agree this would be a great start to the most adorable series with little kids and pets?! Please let us know if someone gets this started.