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Baby Rhino's Adorable Case of the Zoomies Is Impossible to Resist

Oh, how we love watching the famous animal zoomies! We've seen countless videos of dogs running around the house crazily with a burst of energy, otherwise known as zoomies. Not only are the zoomies hilarious and adorable, but it's actually a good thing to see animals do this! Apparently, zoomies are a sign of happiness. So who doesn't want to see that?!

But did you know dogs aren't the only ones to get zoomies? You probably knew that, but you most likely haven't seen another animal run around letting their energy out. It's rare! That is until the official San Diego Zoo TikTok account, @sandiegozoo, captured an animal doing exactly that on film. And it was from an animal you'd least expect. A baby rhino! The rhino is seriously zooming all over the place in the zoo's recent clip. It's simply irresistable! Plus, wait until you see mom trying to keep up. LOL! 

Stop it! This baby rhino is the cutest thing! And not to mention fastest rhino ever. He's got a need for speed! The zoo wasn't kidding when they wrote in the caption, "If you blink, you might miss him." LOL! "Oh my gosh, baby rhinos are so adorable! 🦏=😍," commented @DonnaThaDead. Right?! We hope to see a zooming rhino at our next visit to the zoo!

@garlic_opossum wrote, "I love that pretty much all baby animals have their version of the zoomies." Us too! As much as we love seeing the doggy zoomies, we think its time to see other baby animals and their zoomies. Heck, we'll take a whole TikTok account of zooming animals! It's something we could watch all day long. LOL! 

That poor mom was just trying to keep up. Sounds like a typical mom! "Mom hasn't had her morning coffee yet 😁," said @Kya Keegan. LOL! Way too early for her baby to be running around like that. @Megan Bredbenner added, "I feel like mama is like, 'Yeah get that energy out so I can relax.'" Again, she's just like a regular mom! They all need their time to relax and have a moment to themselves. LOL!