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Video of 1-Month-Old Rooster Learning to Crow Has People in Their Feelings

It's so touching to see a little kid pick up a new trick. They get so excited that they want to keep showing off again and again. That can even happen to us as adults! You might learn a new hobby, and as you keep working at it, you want to share with friends and family what you've learned. No matter your age, or what creature you are, this feeling of learning something new is meant to be celebrated! And that leads us to this great TikTok video. 

We're celebrating a 1-month-old rooster who is learning to get his voice heard. TikTok user @mellifexfarm shared a clip of the adorable rooster baby who was crowing for the first time! The little rooster was so proud of himself, too! Aww, don't they grow up so fast?! Wait until you hear how cute his little crow is.

And right on cue, the rooster doesn't stop crowing, just as humans do when they learn something! LOL. But you can't even be mad. He's just so dang cute! 

"Look what I can do!" @ishavedmyeggs commented on what the little rooster was thinking. @Yorie Sanchez added, "*realizes it can make that sound* *never stops making sound*." Better get used to it!  

TikTok users are loving these little crows! @Partlysunnyprojects commented, "That would make a pretty incredible ringtone." A very unique ringtone we might add! @beautifullycorrupt said, "Sounds like you need to change the smoke detector 😂." LOL, don't make fun of him! He's still learning and you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

But wait, there's more! This isn't the only 1-month-old rooster on the farm. All the other ones are also learning to crow! In another clip, the creator showcases each rooster and their names. Then, you listen to their little crows so you can determine your favorite noise. OMG. 

This is AMAZING! @Kerri Christian summed it up perfectly. She wrote, "I kept saying “that one” after each one so I think they are all my favorite! ❤️." Agreed! Do you have a favorite little crow!?