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Video of Baby Running Up to Greet a Donkey Is the Dose of Cute We All Need

There's nothing like the bond between a girl and her...donkey? Yep! Especially when the donkey is as sweet as Snickers (and we don't mean the candy bar), there's no stopping the blossoming friendship between him and his girl. 

Just take a peek at the videos from @kloud9acres' adorable TikTok account. It's chock full of sweet clips of the farm's fuzzy friends and the little humans who are growing up beside them, and honestly--we can't get enough! We have a feeling we won't be the only ones after you see this heartwarming scene of Snickers, too. 

Don't you just love this precious pair? We aren't at all surprised that this video blew up on TikTok when there's so much cuteness going around. Just look at the comments!

"I love that Snickers stopped and waited for her to get to him," wrote @toriw84. "So cute 🥰." It totally is! We could tell immediately that Snickers would be so gentle with the child, but seeing it actually play out brought a huge smile to our face. Just imagine how happy this little girl's mama is from behind the camera! 

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"It’s like snickers was waving with his ears 🥰," @art_by_kay365 noticed. That's so cute! We totally missed that the first time we saw that video, but now that we see it--it can never be unseen! We can't help but think the sweet little girl got the message. "The little hi" she gave was a favorite of viewers like @hat1nk, but it could melt anyone's heart!

Between the precious toddler and her gentle donkey friend, there's so much to love about this video. Just as commenter @judyn206 said, "Snickers is raising a great family."

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