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Woman's Reaction to Baby Sloth Birthday Surprise Is Too Sweet

TikTok user @Francesca_Morell recently celebrated her birthday and she got the most epically wonderful surprise ever. If you're an animal lover, we are sure you can appreciate how amazing this birthday gift is. 

Just watch the following video and get your own birthday wish list ready! 

Oh my goodness we wouldn't be able to handle it! How dear is it when she breaks out crying when handed the baby sloth? So touching. What a wonderful birthday surprise. @CarissaSynder comments, "I want to know how this was set up, I must hold a sloth for my birthday." Us too! It's like a dream come true. @Ghumlick33 adds, "I would simply pass away this is my dream!" @Fairybich posts, "Imagine being loved so much that someone just wants to give you the thing they know that make you the happiest; if even for a moment." Awwww. 

This surprise was set up by Francesca's husband and how sweet is that guy? He's going to have an impossible time improving on this gift next year! 

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