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Doodle’s Reaction to Baby Finally Throwing the Ball for Him Is Just Priceless

Dog is man's best friend — unless that man is actually a baby. And that baby isn't too good at throwing a ball. Let us explain: a mini Golden Doodle on TikTok had been waiting for months for his infant human brother to learn how to throw. But the pup was in for a rude awakening when he recently realized that the boy still might not be ready for a game of fetch just yet. 

According to footage shared on the Golden Doodle’s TikTok page @minidoodlebentley, it all started when his brother, Tyler, was a baby. “Our dog waited so patiently for our son to be able to throw a ball at him,” his owner wrote in the video’s onscreen text. The footage then cuts to a slightly more grown up Tyler, ball in hand. And didn’t go exactly to plan. “He refused to receive such pitiful throws,” @minidoodlebentley added. The look on Bentley’s face is pretty hysterical. 

The comments section was in hysterics. "Bentley said he only trains CHAMPIONS," @hustlinhannah joked. "Beggars can’t be choosers," @taylorkeith60 wrote. "He waited this long, he’ll wait some more 'til it’s JUST. PERFECT," @icypinklemonade quipped. "Bentley said 'What is this child even good for?!'" @superjirachi teased. 

While other Golden Doodle owners lamented that this was pretty on-brand for their doggos. “My doodle could be dying of thirst but wont drink out of the water at the dog park she’ll wait till we get home so it’s from HER bowl,” @luv_grace_ wrote. “My doodle refuses to get the ball if it’s too far from where he wants it to be thrown,” @ella.pruett added. 

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Although one commenter noticed something that is just too funny. "Y’all saw him shake his head no, I know I wasn’t the only one," @chazzzree added. 

Guess Bentley will just have to wait until Tyler is out of diapers for a decent game of fetch.

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