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Video of Baby Tortoises Hatching Out of the Ground in Arizona Is Downright Precious

Have you ever seen baby animals that are so cute you wish you could harvest them from the ground? One man is... sort of doing that, and he is living our dream!

TikTok content creator and self proclaimed Tortoise Whisperer, @thetortoisewhisperer, recently shared a video of his baby tortoise harvest. This man cares for several adult tortoises, and in the video he explains that he came outside one morning to find baby tortoises hatching outside of the ground! He then walks around his yard and picks up these babies before gently washing their shells and setting them up in their enclosure. Check out the video for adorable baby tortoise content! 

OMG, these little guys are so precious! It is so cute how many of them wandered around the yard after hatching, and their owner had to hunt all of them down.

People in the comments loved this video and made some interesting observations. @annabobannabananafanna said, "It’s like a baby tortoise Easter egg hunt!" and @mollymusicandstuff commented, "OMG, they look so old and so new at the same time!" This is such a great video, there are so many cool details to notice! 

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Others are worried the owner didn't find all of the baby tortoises! @joejoedaj commented, "I would be so scared I missed some," and @audreycravens said, "My anxiety is so concerned if you’re sure you found ALL of the babies." Never fear folks! The owner replied to a comment and said the number of babies he found is the same as the number of eggs that were laid. Plus, he searched for an extra hour after finding the last one to be sure. No lost baby tortoises here!

These little tortoises seem like they'll grow up with plenty of love and care from The Tortoise Whisperer. We'll make sure to tune in again next year when the next nesting season is ending to see the new babies hatch!

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