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Video of Newly-Hatched Baby Turtles Digging Out of the Sand Is Nature At Its Best

The end of the summer is great for so many reasons. Kids are enjoying the last few weeks before school starts, the weather is starting to get a bit cooler, and it's still light outside late into the evening. For animal lovers, there's another reason as well. It's baby sea turtle hatching season!

Save the Sea Turtles International is a nonprofit dedicated to saving and preserving marine life across the globe. On their TikTok, @savetheseaturtlesinterna, they recently posted a video of a close-up of several sea turtles emerging from the sand after hatching! The caption says these babies have to go into survival mode immediately after hatching by digging themselves out of the sand and scurrying to the water before they are snatched up by prey. Check out the video to see all the adorable baby turtles for yourself!

OMG, these little guys are so cute! It is so amazing how these animals are able to jump into action to save themselves right after they were born. It's very impressive, and such a cool aspect of nature!

People in the comments are cheering these baby turtles on. @debbysmith573 said, "Go babies, go! I hope you live long, happy lives," and @paddycox6 commented, "Run for the water little ones!" We hope these little guys are able to reach the water without harm and find a good hiding spot to keep them safe!

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Others mentioned how impressed they were with baby turtles. @mbouzari commented, "It amazing to me how they are just off on their own! And they know where the ocean is!" Another user, @teresabrooks8558 said, "It's absolutely amazing that they know what they need to do." The natural instincts of many animals are especially impressive when you consider how dependent newborn babies are on adults!

Save the Sea Turtles International is doing such important work to ensure the longevity of so many species and ecosystems around the world, and we love that they take us on the journey with them through amazing videos like this!

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