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Backpacking Cat's Cuddles With Dad Have Us Envious of Their Connection

When it comes to affectionate pets, cats don't usually make the top of the list. They can be incredibly curious, though, and they'll show their fondness for you in their own ways. This one black cat, who's spent most of his days backpacking around the world with his dad, just might be enough to change your mind.

Simon is one sweet, handsome kitty, though he's better known for his adventures with his dad. Luckily, his TikTok account--@backpackingkitty-- has a little bit of everything, so his viewers can see what a precious boy he is. 

Simon is such a sweetheart! His gentle head bumps and tiny paws are just to die for. We 100% understand why his dad and his followers are head-over-heels for him. 

Viewer @spookyvegan666 wrote, "I wish my cat loved me like this," and we feel that in our souls. Then again, every animal shows their affection differently! Simon might be making biscuits on his dad's arm, but there are hundreds of other ways your cat might be saying 'I love you.'

"There’s nothing like the unconditional love we get from our pets," @jenniesanchezx said in the comments. "Simon is such a sweet and loving kitty." It's so easy to love him! Every pet parent can feel the love that radiates between him and his dad. Isn't it the most magical thing? 

Cat mama @samanthamarie2410 said it best when she wrote, "my cat does the same thing. That's when you know you have a best friend for life." A pet's love truly knows no bounds! 

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