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Dog Painfully Grieves the Loss of His TikTok Famous Brother in Gut-Wrenching Video

Ugh. Today is such a sad day. Do you remember Bahloo, the sweet Golden Retriever with terminal cancer who became famous on TikTok for being showered with love and gifts from his fans? He brought so much joy to so many people, and sadly, his mom announced that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

From what we can tell from TikTok, it sounds like Bahloo was starting to be in pain, so his family made the difficult decision to help him end his suffering. As you can imagine, they are completely devastated, and it's not just his humans who are having a difficult time. You might want to go grab some tissues before watching this video of his brother, Max, who is clearly grieving Bahloo's loss.

This is quite honestly one of the most gut-wrenching videos we've ever seen. It's so obvious that Max is aware that Bahloo is gone, but the way he stood there looking for him was just so heartbreaking. It's so apparent that animals feel loss just as we do, and they go through their own grieving process. In the comments, the pups' mom let everyone know that the veterinarian came to their home to help Bahloo pass on. She explains that Max was there, saying, "He was actually laying at the foot on his bed for the appointment. He followed him out to the vet's car after, too 😭." How incredibly sad. He likely doesn't fully understand what transpired, even though he knows something has drastically changed. 

Bahloo was so loved by his family and countless people whose lives he touched. Before he passed, this precious boy was treated to one last trip to his favorite beach with Max. While we're all so heartbroken that he's left this earth, it's wonderful to see that his last moments were filled with happiness.

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We're sending Bahloo's family so many wishes for healing and peace during this unimaginable time in their lives. Perhaps knowing just how touched so many people were by this beautiful dog's story will help bring them some comfort. He will be missed, and he most certainly will never be forgotten.

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