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Video of Barn Cat Watching the Sunset All Alone Is Giving People the Feels

Sunsets are one of life's greatest gifts. You never know which evenings the sun will show off, so when it does it's always a surprise. And the nights it doesn't? They just help us to appreciate the beauty even more. 

Even our furry friends can appreciate the fiery colors that paint the horizon some days. Just ask Emily from @freedomfarmhouse on TikTok! She recently caught her barn cat, an orange tabby named Bronco, watching the sunset from atop an old piece of farm equipment. Naturally, she just had to join him. The resulting clip looks like a scene out of a movie! No wonder TikTok is living for it.

We don't know what we love most: that gorgeous sunset, sweet little Bronco, or his mum Emily for giving him some company. It's just a perfect moment all around! 

"Bronco looking like the main character of a rom-com," commented @judestagtam. We couldn't agree more! We especially love the way Emily put her response, though: "fur real!" 

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Aside from Bronco's dramatics while watching the sunset, he was adorable when he saw his mum approaching! "Ummm he smiled at you when he noticed you approaching 😭❤️," wrote @honeybakedhamzz. Wasn't it just the sweetest? It's a cat's version of greeting you at the door like a pup would do.

The magic of the hello is only amplified by Bronco's tiny meow. @Officialbritneyrose commented, "'Oh, hi fren” 🥰,'" as if that's exactly what he was saying. If you ask us--that's what he was saying! We hope Emily feels honored AF about getting this type of love from her fur baby--she must have worked hard for it!

"This is all I want for my feral [cat]s," said @johnny.engelke. "I know they'll come around eventually." They absolutely will, and before you know it you'll be enjoying gorgeous moments like these together! If you need some advice or a helping paw, we're sure Emily has tons of tips to share.

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