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Sweet Rescue Donkey Who Loves Getting Cuddles Is Stealing Hearts

Everyone loves getting cuddles, especially from someone you are close to and trust wholeheartedly. Some animals, such as those who are not domesticated and house trained, often miss out on these cuddles, but one donkey is sure to get his cuddles from his favorite person.

Jacobs Ridge is an animal sanctuary in Spain, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok, @jacobs_ridge, of one of their residents. In the video, we see Barry the rescue donkey getting his head cuddled by one of the employees of the sanctuary. Check out the video to see how much Barry is enjoying this moment!

Awww, this is adorable! We are so glad that Barry is getting plenty of cuddles from the wonderful employees of the sanctuary. Rescue animals deserve the best treatment!

People in the comments mentioned how they could tell Barry was at peace. @ottilie888 said, "He knows he’s safe and loved," and @clyde5005 commented, "Watching the pain leave his soul hurts, but seeing your love is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for being an earth angel." Barry will never have another hardship again!

Others praised the sanctuary employees for their great work. @jamvy15 commented, "He’s beautiful. Thank you for showing him love," and @user54282899 said, "So sweet! God bless you for being a caring and compassionate person. Donkey’s need our help so bad!" We are so thankful for the selfless work the sanctuary employees do.

We love that Barry is sure to get his cuddles every day. If the sanctuary wants to hire a full time cuddle person for this donkey, we would happily do it!

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