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Video of Dog Getting Served at a Bar Is Absolutely Priceless

It seems like anywhere you go with your dogs these days there is always a treat waiting for them. Stores and restaurants are stocking up on doggie treats because they get so many visitors. Plus, who wouldn't want to make a new dog friend? All it takes is a little sweet treat. And believe it or not, bars are even serving dogs these days.

TikTok user @fredo_sauce_86 works at a Colorado Springs brewing company and with the job comes plenty of doggos coming with their owners. So being the prepared bartender that he is, he is fully stocked on treats. Most of the time he goes around giving the treats to dogs, but this one furry customer wanted to get one himself. And just like any customer at a bar, this dog walked himself right up to the counter and ordered. The result is the cutest, and funniest, thing you'll see all week!

O.M.G. We didn't know being a bartender had these kinds of perks! Sign us up for training ASAP! The pup was even patiently waiting as the bartender made his request. LOL! We expect he'll be back for a second round in no time!

@Sally Strain wrote what the dog was thinking, "Just...just put it on my mom's tab!" Ha! The puppo even looked back to show whose tab it was. @Kayla Renee added, "The dog, 'Better make sure no one is looking.' 😂." Although, we don't think anyone would stop serving this cutie.

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"Give me thing strongest thing you got," said @chaos gremlin. In fact, make it a double. He looks like he could use it. LOL! "🐕 is smart make friends with the bartender lol 😁," commented @melctheartist. Seems like it's not his first rodeo. "You forgot to check his ID," wrote @MidEvlDed. We'll let it slide this time. LOL!

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