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Video of Basset Hound Breaking His Puppy Brother Out of His Cage Is Impressive

As much as siblings fight and have their arguments, they're always the first ones to stand by your side. They'll be the first ones you call when you need something or if you're in trouble. And together siblings can brace for anything parents might throw their way. That even includes breaking each other out of a timeout. 

TikTok user @samgrichardson is the dog mom of two. Any parent who has more than one child knows they will ponder up some schemes. And this Basset Hound and Chocolate Lab puppy duo finalized their plan to bust open the crate. The poor puppy was locked in the crate so his big brother came to the rescue. Check out how this Basset Hound beat the system and the two of them made the great escape! 

O.M.G. So cute and oh so smart! The older doggy sibling must've watched mom and dad open the crate hundreds of times before because it looked like he knew exactly what to do. He walked up so confidently, flicked his snoot up and BAM, the door was unlocked! As @Riley the Lab wrote, "Giving big Secret Life of Pets vibes." If this is what they do when someone is home, who knows what mischief they get into when they're alone! 

"C'mon, bro! I paid your bail!!" said @Katheryne M Cook. HA! The Basset Hound definitely won't let the puppy forget about this instance. He'll hold it over his head forever! Hopefully, the Chocolate Lab will pay back his debts one day! 

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Also, can we talk about how sweet that crate is?! The owners hand-built it in a former closet. @jeanie111 commented, "Absolutely a genius idea. I bet they love their own room 😂🐾😂🐾." Well, who wouldn't love their own room?! This got us thinking - did the brother break the puppy out so they could play or did he want the room to himself? @thekdubs said, "Lol he just wanted that bed." LOL! 

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