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Video of Basset Hound Asking for a 'Butt Boost' Has Us Smiling From Ear to Ear

One great reason to love dogs is that no two are the same. Even two pups of the very same breed can have polar opposite personalities. They'll even develop little behaviors or even 'tricks' of their very own. 

For Sherlock, the Basset Hound, begging for his daily 'butt boosts' has become his schtick. He and his fur brother already have tons of fans on their Instagram page, @sherlock.n.watson, but this silly routine might even get them some more. 

LMAO! Don't you just love this funny boy? He knows he has to give jumping on the bed a good try before he asks for help, but something tells us he enjoys the butt boosts a little too much to really give that hop his all. 

"My heart just can’t handle the cuteness 😍," commenter @mariaaressco gushed. Same here! We practically swooned over Sherlock's precious begging, but that happy dance was too cute to contain.

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But seriously though, how impressive are this pup's sitting skills? Just like @sid_the_basset_hound mentioned, "now that something not all hounds can do!!! You are an extremely talented young man!!!" We second that! It takes a lot of balance to sit up like a bunny, but Sherlock has it figured out. @Drewcyfrootxl asked, "Where does he do CrossFit?" and we're honestly still laughing. This dog must have abs of steel! At the very least, he doesn't skip leg day.

"That’s awesome," @bill_huckaby added. "My dachshund/beagle mix does the exact same thing!" This must be a long dog kind of skill, though it seems like it would be trickier with such a long body to sit upright! We suppose that makes Sherlock's feat even more impressive. 

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