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Video of Basset Hound Sweetly Snuggling With Child Is Giving People All the Feels

Who needs a cuteness overload video to start out their week?! Well, we have you covered with this adorable and cuddly 9-month-old Basset Hound named Hank. This TikTok video that was posted by @hanksworld_ has over 839.9K views and 93.8K likes. 

In the video, Hank is on the couch with his bestie, cuddling up a storm. He's perched up in between the kid's legs, and as the camera moves closer, you can tell Hank is in heaven. He's getting so sleepy, and the look he gives shows us that he doesn't want to be bothered! The creator wrote in the comments, "Cousins by chance, besties by choice," and that's on full display in this clip!  

Aww, we can't handle this cuteness! The child is focused on watching TV, but still giving Hank little pets and snuggling him. We'll bet Hank could stay there all day long! "That dog is so comfortable and where it's meant to be," said @Sean McIntosh. "All he wants is her touching him. So sweet, you can see his love for her!" commented @Elisa Boger-Brames. "The way she’s softly pulling his fur. And he’s loving it 💕," said @Dawn Stone. Please tell us this is a daily routine for these two because that is the ultimate bonding session and the best way to watch Saturday morning cartoons!

"So cute! 😂 You should do a picture and video collage of them growing up together & surprise her for her graduation," wrote @Flash. And surprise us with this photomontage, too, because we can't wait to see where their friendship goes!

If anyone needed confirmation of who Hank likes the best, we think this video solves it! "Best friends for life," said @hollypaynemead. Plus, by the look of Hank's eyes, that child is his. "Doggos and their kids❤️," commented @Christie Rorke. Just a couple of besties enjoying their day together!