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Video of Baby Basset Hound 'Finding His Voice' Is Giving People the Feels

All dogs have the sweetest little howls, but Basset Hounds are known for their howls in particular. That includes one little guy online, who was caught trying his darndest to be let inside the house, much to the internet's delight.

Video of the Hound recently went viral, but while some people thought it was positively sweet, others wondered if he was possibly being ignored. The footage from @malbeldier15 shows the pooch outside the glass sliders of his home. The puppy lets out a series of whines and howls, and admittedly, it's pretty cute. “Baby Bassett finding his voice..” his owner wrote in the caption. Check it out and see which side of the fence you're on.

What a little cutie! With almost 400,000 views, people were sure to have opinions. There were many commenters who were taken by how cute the puppy was. “Will someone open the door? I’m missing my TV show,” @jameshearn62 joked. “Lord, what a good sound, love me some Bassets,” @00smitty00 wrote. “Get at ‘em lil fella!” @thickethrasher80 urged. “I'M A HOUND DOG!” @wvdg304 added.

But a few people wanted him to be let in ASAP. “Bless him, he just wants inside. Poor baby,” @margaretnash867commented. “Please let him in, he loves you,” @michaelbaumberge6 agreed. “Let the poor baby inside,” @hankgriffin wrote.

We’re pretty sure this story has a happy ending. How long could anyone really let that sweet little guy beg? Later, in the comments section, his owner wrote that they’re pretty used to their Basset Hounds howls, “We sing with this one! Every day, we come home from work we get him to howling!” she wrote in response to one commenter. Sounds like a happy family to us.