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Video of Basset Hound Demanding a Hot Dog at a Ball Game Is a Total Mood

Dogs always use their big, sweet puppy eyes to beg for food. They know that their species has cracked the code to getting whatever they want, and they are unashamed to use it to their advantage. One Basset Hound was in full on begging mode in a recently viral TikTok video, and he would not take no for an answer.

TikTok user @therealwalterbasset posted a video of their Basset Hound, Walter, at a recent baseball game. Walter seemed to notice an abundance of hot dogs around him, and thought that he should have one as well. Check out the video to see what methods Walter used to demand a hot dog from his mom! 

OMG, Walter is too cute. His puppy dog eyes are adorable and his little woofs were amazing. In our opinion, he asked very nicely and should be rewarded for his manners with a hot dog.

People in the comments also thought Walter was very deserving of a hot dog. @axlboy1965 said, "Awe, every little boy should get a hot dog at a baseball game. It's tradition!" and @lizardbiz commented, "Ok but… did he get a hotdog? He asked NICELY." Unfortunately, we have no confirmation on whether Walter got his hot dog, but he's so cute we're sure his mom couldn't resist!

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Others loved how serious Walter was about obtaining a hot dog. @commanderzurg commented, "Walter doesn't care if the hot dogs are $12. He didn't come all this way to be empty handed," and @floppysteak said, "He means business." Walter is an excellent businessman and negotiator.

Many baseball teams host events called Pups at the Park, where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners to certain games. Remember folks, if you bring your dog to one of these, you are obligated to give them a hot dog and share the footage with the rest of us!

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