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Basset Hound's Reaction to Taking a Long Walk With Mom Is Just Priceless

Exercise is essential to a healthy body and mind, but that doesn't mean it isn't a pain in the butt. Basically, it's OK if you don't love to work out! There are tons of other people who can relate...and two very tired dogs. 

In this priceless clip that was posted to @stormin_norman_thebasset's TikTok account, Norman and his lazy canine sibling let their mama know just how tired they are. After all, it was a long walk! From Norman's sprawled-out sleeping position to his big ol' eyes, this hound has perfected the art of drama. Maybe next time, Mom will get the hint!

LMAO, Norman is too much! The look on his face says it all, but we're simply living for that flop he does back onto the floor. To say the least, he's a pup who knows what he wants! And right now what he wants is a nap.

"Hims boots were not made for walkin! 😂," @happyfeets39 wrote in the comments section. No kidding! That walk clearly took a lot out of him, and he looks so offended Mom asked if he was good!

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"'We almost died!'” joked @classydad. Seriously! If Norman could speak that's exactly what he'd be saying, but honestly, we get the message from his eye contact alone. We weren't the only ones who saw it, either!

Commenter @cortinas36 wrote, "Do we look ok woman 😳?" LOL! The grumpy boy is certainly in need of some alone time, but there's no need to give Mom that kind of attitude! Maybe he and his fur sibling will feel more refreshed after a nap in the cool house. We certainly would!

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