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Video of Basset Hound Dad Playing With His Puppies Is Warming People’s Hearts

It’s so special to see a bond growing between a mama dog and her pups, but watching a dad loving on his puppies is next level cute. Not all male dogs are around when their pups are born, but one Basset Hound dad has been making the most of fatherhood. TikTok user @thebassethoundgang chronicles life with their 3 adult Bassets… and 13 new additions! The arrival of the puppies has made for tons of sweet moments, including one clip of new dad Cooper playing with some of his kids.

The interactions between dad and pups are just too pure. Cooper rolls over, barks, and romps around like the fun-loving boy he is to try to get his puppies to play. There are mixed reactions among the babies to be sure--but Cooper couldn't care less! He's having the time of his life with his pups. Take a look!

If you’re watching this over and over and still can’t get enough, you’re not alone. The vast majority of comments on this video are gushing over the tiny pups and enthusiastic father: “So stinking cute! Love their ears and little tails wagging!! 🥰” replied @tattoedrn2014. @jvbooklover couldn’t help but agree, saying “🥰 I was watching the Westminster Dog show, Bassett Hound came in. The cheers were deafening. 🥰 These doggies are adorable 😍.” That they are!

Possibly the cutest moment happens in the first few seconds of the video, and user @gingerj1924 picked up on it, too. She said, “I love how he rolled over & then rolled a puppy over!” Honestly, we’d loop that moment on repeat if we could. Dad executes his roll so perfectly that he just had to show his little one how–it’s priceless!

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If you watch the video a bit closer, you can really see each pup's personality come to light. The baby who got the tumbling lesson seems as playful and curious as their dad is, while some of the others say hello with a sit or a wave of the paw. As @tonyarentschler puts it: "Cuteness overload!!"

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