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Dog Gets Caught Stealing a Huge Sub Sandwich and Her Reaction Is Just Priceless

There's no real way to prevent your Basset Hound from getting into mischief. Although, truth be told, it usually leads to some pretty funny results. Just take a look at one Basset on TikTok, who got caught red-handed while trying to take off with a sandwich.

The TikTok creator wasn't just shocked that her pup Rosie had snuck a sandwich when no one was looking — she was completely confused where it came from in the first place. "Rosie, what do you have?" @elizagraceboutique can heard asking in the footage. "Where did you get a sub sandwich from that's still in the wrapper that I didn't make? Seriously, GrubHub? What the heck? DoorDash?" she added with a laugh. "When your Basset finds a sub sandwich in the wild," she wrote in the caption.

The mystery of Rosie's sub kicked off a whole debate in the comments section. "You know there's some guy around searching frantically for his lunch," @cmricher1 quipped. "I didn't think those were in season yet," @darragh_83 teased. "Ha wait until the Neighborhood FB group pops up with a Ring video asking whose dog this is stealing their DoorDash," @catwalk2reality suggested. And another commenter, @bostonantisocialite had another idea entirely: "She hunted it, back off mom!" she wrote. 

Mercifully, this mystery has an answer. Which @elizagraceboutique shared in a second video on her page. "Update on Sub-gate 2022. She stole it from my friends son's backpack," the mom explained in the video's caption. "Thankfully the kid had already eaten lunch," she added.

We guess all that theft left Rosie too tired to stay awake during her "apology" video. But that's okay Rosie, one look at your adorable face and all is forgiven.