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Basset Hounds' Reactions to Mom Giving Them New Toys Are Filled With Pure Joy

Siblings love fighting over toys. One sibling could be playing with a toy and as soon as they see the other sibling with a different toy, the fighting begins. Siblings always want what the other one has. We don't know why, that's just the way it works and well, that's how it goes for dogs too.

A dog mom surprised her two fur babies with brand new toys. In the video posted to TikTok account @stormin_norman_thebasset, she starts to hand the toys to the two dogs. The Basset Hound couldn't stop jumping with joy and took the first one immediately. But the second dog was hesitant. Can you say jealous?! 

O.M.G. This video is perfect in so many ways. First off, look at how happy the Basset Hound was. @emilyaking511 pointed out, "The hops 😂." So cute!! Did anyone else know Basset Hounds could jump so high? LOL! 

And secondly, the fact that the dogs switched toys is hilarious. @SilverOfTheWoods said, "Just like any siblings they traded thinking the other one says better 😂." Exactly! Another example that shows dogs are just like kids. @Kayddoss added, "They had a deal and swap 😂." A friendly trade if you will! 

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At least it worked out for these two doggos and they were both happy in the end. That's not always the case! @H_Ehn explained what she does to make it fair for her dogs. The comment reads, "I have to get my dogs the exact same toy or they swap until they fight 😂." LOL! That's actually a brilliant idea. We have to try it! 


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