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Basset Hound’s Refusal to Get Out of Bed Is All of Us in the Morning

Don't you just hate how Monday mornings still come along after the very quick and too short weekend? Whenever that alarm clock goes off, you roll over, hit snooze and think, "Monday already." You delay getting out of bed as much as you can. But eventually, you get up because you have to, not because you want to. At least it's nice to know we aren't the only creatures who can't seem to get out of bed. 

We might've might our match for ultimate laziness with TikTok doggo @stormin_norman_thebasset. Norman is a stubborn one when it comes to getting out of bed. In a recent clip, which has over 1.8 million views, this Basset Hound refuses to leave the comforts of the bed. Even his owner dragging him out won't work. And his argument for not leaving is very, very convincing. We might start this trick so we can sleep in too! 

LMAO! Is this not the most relatable thing?! His grunting sounds were everything. Maybe we'll start doing that too so we can stay in bed longer! Norman was so upset. He was just enjoying the bed, where he was bothering no one we might add, and they wanted him off. Can't a dog get some sleep around here!? 

“That dog said, ‘Respectfully, no, ma’am,’” commented @Lisa Jones Casterlin. LOL! He even put his head back down on the bed because he was done with the conversation. Another user, @Leann Gussler, wrote, “Norman is like, ’Not today momma, not today.’“ You’re speaking our mind, Norman! 

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TikTok users are coming to Norman's defense. Hey, why does no one come to our defense when we refuse to get up...LOL! @rystal14930 said, "Omg leave him alone! He wants to sleep where he at!!!" He found that bed fair and square! @Debbie Heine Dobson added, "Momma, leave him alone. He is sleeping just fine. Poor baby." Time for momma to find her own sleeping arrangements! 

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