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Beagle Has the Most Dramatic Reaction to Watching 'The Lion King'

The best night of the week is for sure movie night. We just love snuggling up with a big bowl of popcorn and a blanket and watching the latest new release. Another movie fan is a Beagle on the internet named Winston. And we think it's totally fair to say that his favorite movie has to be The Lion King. Take a look! 

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Winston came running when his mama asked if anyone wanted to watch a movie. As the video on his TikTok page @winston_thebeagle shows, Winston was so excited that he pushed open the door to his mama's bedroom all by himself, and then settled up on his mama's bed to watch the film. Winston was totally riveted the entire time, but when a certain part of the movie came on he started crying. We don't want to spoil the movie so check out the video below!

Don't worry. Eventually Winston calmed down with a good bowl of kibble. 

"Who else get choked up during that scene?" the video's caption reads. 

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Winston's reaction had people in the comments section in tears. "His reaction made me cry more!" @nicolepeters05 admitted. "Must have comfort snacks after sad scenes," @maremul526 pointed out. "It’s the emotional eating for me. What a sweetie pie," @dymndk praised. "Needed a snack to get over the trauma. Lol poor pup," @jalecialee commented. 

"He’s such an empath," his mom joked later in the thread. 

We totally get it Winston. This movie makes us cry too!

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