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Beagle’s Bold Protest to Going on a Walk in the Cold Is Just Too Funny

When the weather drops, the only thing we want to do is stay inside and sit by the fire. So we sort of get what one Beagle was thinking when her owner tried to get them to take a walk in the cold. Luckily, owner Dan Backer (@paisleypark28) caught the whole thing on camera, resulting in an internet hit.

Little Paisley is always getting into mischief. So it's not so surprising that the feisty gal let her owner know that she wasn't feeling the snow. The video shows Paisley just as she was about to go on a walk — but then... well, things take just a bit of a turn. Check out the funny way that Paisley let her owner know that it was time to go back inside. We get it, Paisley. We really do.

Other commenters felt Paisley's pain. "When the dog is an introvert and his extrovert owner makes him walk," @anitasupimpa quipped. "Listen, I’m not running away.. quite the opposite actually, open up," @scottbradley25 joked. "Lol baby said YOU can go for a walk and let me know how it went lol open the door," @raquelthetroublemaker teased.

While other Beagle owners lamented that this was sadly on-brand. "Having grown up with Beagles and Beagle mixes I can say this is some strong Beagle energy!" @elizaorlins exclaimed. "Lmao my Beagle is a Houdini with her harness too," @amiller0723 added. 

And a third commenter shared that their Beagle was also a master of the vanishing act. "Samantha does this all the time (also a Beagle). She doesn't run. I just say goodbye and start walking home and she runs to me quickly. Very cute," @samanthaanddavid explained. 

Although we think one commenter said it best. "Attitudes for days," @iban4yesu wrote.

Yep, that's a Beagle for ya'.