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Beagle Attempts to Steal Croissant on Bike Like a Multi-Task King

We’re convinced that dogs only think about one thing and one thing only – food. Somehow, no matter what they’re doing, if there is a little bit of food involved, that’s all their mind goes to. They focus solely on how to get a nibble.

That’s what we saw recently with TikTok doggo @gappie_the_beagle. This adorable Beagle was riding in the basket of a bike, which makes us believe there’s no way he would want food. But we were wrong. Watch what he goes after mid bike ride!

LOL! Is this puppo serious?! He thought he was being so sly while the biker was focused on the road. Honestly, it was a valiant effort which brought in over 3.5 million views on the first day the clip was posted. So because of that, we think he deserves a little bite! 

“The dog has a personal driver with catering service included,” wrote @dbptt. What else does one need!? The creator responded with an excellent idea, “Would love to see @uber do that too.” YES! That would be such a game changer. “Great service, snacks included in the trip. Five stars,” added @alebm15. If that’s the case, we’ll be booking our travel through them. HA!

@unwrittentomb13 commented, “You can tell he tried to resist for so long lol.” Oh, we believe that! He thought, ‘Well if my driver ain’t eating it, it must be mine.’ LOL! Can anyone blame the little fella? A buttery croissant is too good to pass up!

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