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Beagle's Sadness Over Mom Giving New Baby Attention Is Just Pitiful

Most of the time we see videos of pets welcoming the new baby into the family excitedly. There are videos of the pets cuddling and protecting the babies. But it's not all rainbows and butterflies. 

The reality is that pets can get jealous, just like older siblings and we see that in TikTok user @kailapaterson96's recent clip. The human was cradling the new baby on the couch. The camera then pans over to the Beagle named Gunner who is sitting on the other side of the couch. The poor doggo's reaction is too sad for words. 

Ugh, we feel so bad for this Beagle! Gunner is so sad and jealous that he's no longer the baby of the family. Someone needs to tell him that he's still the fur baby and that no one will ever take that title from him! 

"That look omg heartstrings pulling," said @leisacupples. Right?! Gunner really knows how to put on a show and get everyone on the Internet crying. We do feel bad though. We're sure he is sad and jealous. Ugh, here come the tears again! 

@zohoor wrote, "Noo give him love please he's also your baby. I know that you really care but still." He needs all the cuddling he could possibly want and then some more! We bet they already give him tons of love to make him feel like he's still part of the family. @cysgirl added, "Let him snuggle up with you and the baby. He will then love the baby as well." Yes, yes, yes, yes! If they do that, then Gunner and the baby will be inseparable besties in no time! 


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