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7 Beagles Take Their First Steps on the Grass in Heartwarming Rescue Video

Rescuing an animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but the folks at Beagle Freedom Project deserve a special moment in the spotlight. Among other things, this amazing organization works tirelessly to rescue Beagles from labs and research facilities before rehabilitating the pups and finding them foster (and eventually, permanent) homes. They're literal heroes!

In a recent Facebook video, some of the organization's staff give seven precious Beagle boys their first taste of freedom. As their crates open and the sunshine streams in, they get to walk in the grass and relax for the very first time. Want to know what's even sweeter? These boys' foster families were there to celebrate their freedom with them. You just have to see!

Oh my goodness, we just want to cuddle every single one of them! We can't possibly imagine all the trauma they've been through, but we're so relieved and grateful that they've been saved. By the looks of it, the pups seem grateful, too.

"Just wonderful to see those tails wagging," commented @Jane Thank you for saving them." It really is unbelievable that, after everything these dogs have experienced, they're still so willing to give and receive love. It's like they know they've been saved!

Commenter @Veronica M. was so right when she called these Beagles "sweet little angels." Just look at how calm and gentle those babies are! Unfortunately, this docile personality trait is part of why this breed is chosen for testing. 

"Using animals as test subjects in a laboratory is sick and this needs to stop," @x x posted. We think there are tons of people--and even more animals--who agree. This is exactly why organizations like Beagle Freedom Project are oh-so-important, and why viewers all over the Internet are falling for the sweet pups they rescue. 

May all of these Beagle boys have long, happy lives with their new families! Heaven knows they deserve it.