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Bear Caught Breaking Into Car in Condo Parking Lot Like He's About to Take a Road Trip

Bears are no strangers to neighborhoods in wooded areas, but some certainly make themselves more comfy than others. One black bear in Tennessee was feeling rather curious as he was caught breaking into a car as casually as if it were his own vehicle. 

This priceless moment was coincidentally caught on film by @mrsg819, who shared it on her TikTok account. Since racking up nearly half a million views in just a few days, it certainly has people talking...and thinking twice about leaving their cars unlocked!

What a curious little cutie! The way the bear opens the door and peers around so intently reminds us of a person; this may as well be a scene from one of the Paddington movies! Just like @jeepgirl727 commented on the post, we were "waiting for him to start 'er up! 😂😳." As hilarious as that would've been, it's probably for the best that he didn't.

Snacks were probably the only thing this bear was looking for, but his sneaky body language made him look suspicious AF. "It looks like this wasn't his first time acting up 😅," noted @angiestaten3, and honestly, she's probably right. If the condos had told residents to lock their cars like the video says, he was likely a repeat offender--but the floofiest one!

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No one knows why he chose this particular car to pillage, but by the looks of it, "Bear has expensive taste." That's exactly how @heylookitsemily put it, and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Or maybe "He's just waiting to discuss your car's warranty with you 😳," @neelyhd joked. Whatever brought him there, though, we hope he didn't make himself too comfy. 

"Imagine that sticking its head up from back seat when you’re driving down the road 😂," wrote @brandifraserbrantley. OMG! That would be a shock to say the least. Honestly, though, this entire situation is drowning is comedic potential. 

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