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Black Bear Breaks Into a Man's Fridge and Total Chaos Ensues

Camping always comes with a few warnings when you're out in the woods. You have to be sure you're aware of your surroundings. And if you have food, you need to either lock it up or dispose of it properly. The last thing you'd want is an animal coming through destroying everything just to get a bite of something you brought. Those are very normal things to worry about while out camping, but never at home. Right? Wrong!

Apparently now you have to take these cautions while at home if you live in or near the woods. Because, unfortunately, TikTok user @dadknowseverything learned that the hard way. In his most recent video, which has over 1.6 million views, he discovered a Black Bear enjoying his food. And it wasn't food the TikToker left outside. The bear actually came into the house! How in the world?! Just wait until you see what the bear did to the fridge. LOL!   

O.M.G. We have no idea what we would've done. That's so scary! At least the bear was nice enough to take his mess outside. Well, that is for the most part! "A BEARGLURY!! 🐻👮🏻," said @amandaamcclure. LMAO! That's the perfect word to describe what happened. Part bear and part burglar! 

"Have you two met before? This seems like it's not a new thing lol," wrote @hollz89. Right?! How in the world did this bear know there were goods in the freezer? It totally felt personal. Plus, nothing else in the house was ruined. The bear just took the items from the fridge and dipped. LOL! 

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Now, if this video has taught us anything it's exactly what @lindaggilzean wrote. The comment reads, "Lesson for the day - lock the door." We'd say to triple lock it if you live in a bear-prone area! 

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