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Video of Golfer Trying to Putt With a Bear Coming Toward Him Is a Sight to Behold

Athletes are faced with all sorts of distractions when it comes time to play. Maybe an opposing player or fan is talking smack or the noise in the arena is so loud that they can't think. So to prepare for this, many athletes train in places that can mimic what they might face during a game. But even all the training in the world can't prepare for what this one golfer experienced recently. 

The official TikTok account of ESPN, @espn, shared this once-in-a-lifetime golf shot. And no, it wasn't a hole in one. This golfer was lining up his putt when a big creature starts moseying its way towards the green. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a bear. No really, it's a bear! The clip has brought in over 2.3 million views and you'll understand why while you gasp at the golfer's response. 

Holy crap! How did this golfer stay so calm?! The pressure is on when it comes to putting and trying to make a birdie. Or if you're like us trying not to go 3 over. LOL! But then mix in a bear walking towards you...are you kidding!? We're so impressed, but also so scared! We'd be out of there in a heartbeat. 

TikTok users are absolutely amazed at this video. @Drew Bosman wrote, "Bro was in no rush whatsoever." Seriously, he knew he had to get the putt done because who knows when they'd be allowed back on the green after a bear sighting. "Bro said gold first," added @5star.elijahhh. Priorities! "Top golfer training. This is the pressure test😂," said @Chief Da Boss. Seems perfectly reasonable to us! 

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Another user, @Anson Gardner, wrote, "That bear has excellent course etiquette." He really does! Like any good golfer, he was just waiting for his turn to putt! 

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