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Bear Crashes 2-Year-Old's Birthday Party in Connecticut and the Video Is Priceless

One little boy from Connecticut just turned two-years-old, but someone crashed his birthday party. Normally this wouldn't be newsworthy at all, but this time, the unexpected guest was a bit different. It was a black bear!

The animal was caught chowing down on cupcakes in a now-viral TikTok posted by @nbcconnecticut, and we are obsessed! Before you start worrying--everyone at the party appears to be safely inside the home, and the whole debacle was filmed through a window. Only cupcakes were harmed in the making of this video, but even the bear had positive reviews.

Isn't this too funny? That bear is loving all the food! As far as he knows, that whole picnic was laid out just for him. Like @jordantime801 said, "He couldn’t bear to miss the party!"

LMAO! He couldn't bear to miss those cupcakes, either. @Cathyberry646 also noticed that "the cupcakes were a big hit," so whoever made those should be proud! They're so good, every species loves them. (On a more serious note, it's not a good idea to feed wildlife unless you find yourself in a situation like this.)

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"You have to watch Paddington the bear having tea with the Queen," wrote @jaquemiller0. "This is spot on 🥰." Totally! Though, honestly--what bear wouldn't chow down on a delicious tea brunch? Or a birthday party snack! We have a feeling not even the presence of royalty could stop this guy from having his own picnic.

We really like @fuhkinsupah's advice for the birthday boy and his family: "order some pizza and chalk it up as the best experience ever!" That's definitely true--not many kids can say that they had a bear at their birthday party!

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