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Family of Bears Enjoys Child's Backyard Playscape in Sweet Video

Who doesn't enjoy a day at the park with a playground? Running around, swigging from bar to bar, flying down the slide so fast you fall down at the bottom. It's always a blast for kids. Parents enjoy it too! They'll meet up with other parents and relax in the shade while kids are playing or take a stroll around the park path. Whatever it is, there's something for everyone at the park which is why those days are always the best! Even a family of bears can get behind park days. 

TikTok user @Laurens.reading noticed a family of black bears coming to her backyard pretty frequently. So she finally decided to break out the phone camera and film what they do. You guessed it, they're loving the playground in the creator's backyard! The clip has over 2 million views and 449K likes, which is very understandable because it's seriously too cute for words. Just wait until you see what the momma bear does with the playground!

Stop it! We can't handle the cuteness of this! We also can't believe this TikTok creator captured this moment. And can we talk about how the momma bear was climbing up the playground too?! She didn't care that the playscape is normally just for kids. She wanted some fun too! 

"I love how even mama bears take their kids to the park to play😍," said @user4817915482256. Right?! We told you a park is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy! @Brooke Proctor Dougl added, "I almost expect to see momma bear pull out a picnic basket😅." LOL! We wouldn't be surprised if she did!

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One TikTok user, @bee55555123, came up with a brilliant idea. The comment reads, "They really need to build more playgrounds for bears in the middle of the forest lol put up cameras it would be so cool." O.M.G. We need this to happen immediately! And we want to be on the team who monitors the video cameras so we can watch them use playgrounds for a living. LOL! 

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