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Bear Follows Family on Hiking Trail and the Kid’s Reaction Is Everything

Video of a bear trailing behind a family trying to take a hike has gone viral on TikTok — and some people are calling it terrifying. The footage, which has been watched over 4.3 million times, shows the family trying to remain calm and get away from the bear asap. So scary!

TikTok creator Brighton Peachy (@brightonpeachy) has vowed to show herself "exploring wild places with wild boys" (i.e. spending as much time as possible outdoors with her husband and sons), but we're pretty sure she didn't mean this. The footage shows Brighton's husband and sons walking with the bear behind them, but pretty quickly she realizes the bear isn't going away. "Okay he's following you, babe," she yells out to her husband. Meanwhile Brighton's two kids seem perfectly nonplussed about the large animal coming their way. "My 6-year-old as calm as a cucumber," she wrote in the caption.

Thousands of people wrote in after watching the footage and many praised the mom for keeping her cool. "So glad you’re all ok and stayed calm! That’s nerve racking! I’d love to know the outcome/how this encounter ended," @thedirtyexplorer wrote. "Very calm parents, great job!!!" @srhjobear gushed. "I like how you’re using your mom voice and it’s just not responding lol," @brittneymchenry teased. 

While other people were laughing at her son's response. "Did that boy say: 'can we play dead, now?'" @mormayo1 asked. "That is the scariest thing ever and I am with your son! When do we play dead? He has no fear in him at all!" @jenjen651 wrote.

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Or maybe one commenter had the real answer behind the bear's visit. "Bear decided he wanted to be part of the family," @brynn_mt joked.

Sounds about right!

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