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Bear Attempts to Break Into a Hot Tub for a Soak and People Are Here for It

Nothing beats the soothing heat and jets of a hot tub, especially after a stressful day. It relaxes the muscles, takes the weight off sore joints, and allows for the mind to peacefully wander. It's no mystery why so many people save up for a hot tub of their very own. 

As it turns out, even wildlife enjoy this luxury every now and again. TikTok user @mad_722 recently caught a black bear uncovering her hot tub for a good soak, and the reactions are already pouring in. The way he climbs in the tub is just so relatable!

Just like the poster said in the video's description, this bear clearly knows what he's doing. Every move is so intentional -- just ask commenter @andijohnston3! We aren't the only ones who are convinced "that’s not the first hot tub he’s uncovered." 

"The way he slowly lowers himself in like he just finished a 12 he shift & his muscles be achin," @shanitofarbito commented. “Ahhhhhhhh” 😂." Retweet!! That's exactly what it looked like. 

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We've totally fallen for this guy's determination, almost as much as we have for this video's comments. "The least he could have done was bring his own drinks and snacks," wrote @katieskii. "Freeloaders, man!" We've got to admit, though, that this bear is one of the cutest freeloaders of all time. We'd love to go for a soak with him! You know, if he wasn't a wild animal...

So would @tameshahenderson5, who wrote, "My toxic trait is thinking we could relax together in the hot tub 😂." We're right there with you! 

As sweet as this video is, it also does get us thinking about the effects of human development in forested areas. What led this big guy to the hot tub in the first place? 

"I always worry about animals being thirsty 🥺," @projectbettymn wrote in the comments. We do, too, especially after noticing how often this dude licked the water. Whether he's searching for a drink or satisfying his curiosity is still a mystery, but videos like this can be a great reminder of appreciating wildlife from afar instead of using nature to our advantage. 

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