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Video of Bear Who Keeps Invading Family's Home Has People in Their Feelings

Bear sightings have become more and more popular lately, from the soccer-playing bruin in Tahoe to the bear who was scared off by this woman's teacher voice. While these encounters seem funny or even cool from the comfort of a screen, having one in front of you for real could be a different story--especially when a black bear is in your house. 

Yep, bears can let themselves into your house! That's exactly what's been happening to one family who sent their footage to ABC News. In the video, which has gathered over 318 thousand views on TikTok so far, a rather innocent-looking black bear stands in the hallway, seemingly asking to come inside. 

What happened next surprised us, but we'll let you see for yourself.

Okay, first of all--we have no clue whether this man talking to the bear is brave, insane, or a combination of both. According to ABC, this bear is not a first-time visitor, so this encounter is probably a lot less frantic than the first time they met. We can only imagine what that looked like!

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Commenters are equally baffled and amazed by the man's actions, though there's also a large amount of sympathy for the black bear. 

"Why do I feel bad for the bear he looked so hurt," wrote @shay_and_rocket. Didn't he? Clearly, he felt betrayed that his best human friend would kick him out like that when he just stopped by for a snack.

"That bear was more respectful than most humans," @usermojoallthetime pointed out. It's so true, though! He turned around and left politely when asked, even if he did check out the other entrance afterward. Commenter @torslik loved "how he knew he was going to the other door 😂," and, honestly, so did we! It's only further proof that the duo had met before. 

Though the bear was escorted out with no snack or refreshment, we can't help but think he'll be trying again sometime soon.

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