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Bear Takes a Nap on New Jersey Town Green and People Are Having a Field Day

Sometimes, naps just can't wait--whether you're human or bear. No matter where you are or what time it is, the closest comfy spot will have to do. The people of Morristown, New Jersey got to witness this phenomenon in action as they stumbled across a black bear snoozing in a tree in the middle of town. Honestly, everyone is surprisingly calm about it. 

In the now-viral clip, you can see the big bear sitting on a large branch, slumped forward in sleep. It's an odd position to nap in, to say the least, but then again, nothing about this situation is normal. 

Did no one see this gigantic bear climb the tree? What happened after the camera stopped rolling? We have so many questions! Commenters, though, are so taken with the silly way this guy's sleeping. 

"Leave him alone lmao," wrote one viewer. "He probably hiding from the wife and kids trying to take a nap." Ha! He does look pretty exhausted! @sabirnyc saw a similar scenario, sharing,"me sneaking away at work to take a nap." LOL! We won't tell your boss, we promise!

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Then there's @iamchelseamorgan, whose mind went in a completely different direction. "Am I the only one who thought this was someone drunk dressed as a bear in the tree?" she asked. Too funny! Why someone would do that we have no idea, but also...why not? 

Either way, "bro on a vibe," as @mikeyferrari put it. As long as he's not bothering anyone, we don't see much of a problem here. It may be a mystery how and why he got up in that tree, but we're sure glad he did. It's so cool to see! 

"Seriously I would want to climb the tree and snooze with him," commented @dawnprince1997. As fantastic as this idea sounds on paper, it's probably for the best no one got a chance to get too close. After all, wildlife is, well--wild!

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