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Bear Spends the Night in Woman's Range Rover and the Aftermath Is Unbelievable

TikTok user @thecostantantiniteam woke up confused one morning at 4:30 a.m. The car horn was honking. What in the world? As they got up to see what was happening, the trunk was opened. But she didn't investigate until later in the morning when they could see.

Luckily she waited. When they woke up the next morning and went to check, she decided to film. Someone she was with hopped in the truck next to her Range Rover and backed up to get a glimpse into the open trunk. Smart thinking because what they found is something you wouldn't want to get too close to. Your mouth will drop to the floor when you see what wildlife animal snuck into her Range Rover. 

O.M.G. How in the world did a bear get into her car?! It must've been so scary to wake up to the alarm going off. But again, they're very smart to not investigate at night. That could've ended badly. Or worse than it did. 

"The bear has good taste in cars," joked @Lyn Mar732. Ha! That's very true because Range Rovers are top-of-the-line vehicles. Guess you could say it was a bougie bear that broke in. @dochmi5473 added, "At least it didn’t steal your catalytic converter." So true considering how valuable catalytic converters are these days. We bet this TikToker won't make the mistake of leaving her car unlocked again! 

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And well the aftermath is, as you can probably guess, not pretty. Check out the Part 2 video. 

We don't know why we weren't expecting it to be that bad, but holy. @Randi Sue Beghtel said, "Not beary nice of him." Not beary nice of him at all! Now, can you imagine trying to explain this to insurance?! 

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