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Video Of Bear Showing Off Soccer Skills In Tahoe Has People In Awe

For the folks who live in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, bear sightings aren't as rare as one would think. Since they frequently inhabit the area, though, it was only a matter of time before a video like this emerged. And it's just as hilarious as it is impressive. 

The video made its rounds on ABC News in recent days, though more and more viewers are just discovering this bear's incredible soccer skills. Whether the bruin has happened upon soccer balls before isn't clear, but by the looks of things he's not oblivious, either. Needless to say, the Internet is thoroughly impressed.

How in the world does one bear have so much energy?! One moment he's flinging the soccer ball around, and the next he's halfway up a tree! Still, his skills with the ball are quite impressive all things considered. 

"Foul!!!! Someone tell this bear no hands and mouth allowed in football," joked @Keshia Contreras. "Too cute! I love watching bear videos from the safety of my home." You said it, girl! It's nice to enjoy the moment without worrying about the safety of it all. After all, these bears are seriously skilled at hunting, too. 

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Cora Reynolds had the exact same thought. "That's right, I almost forgot...not even safe in a tree," she wrote. Honestly, it's freaky to think about! We suppose when faced with a bear we should take Brenda Knight's approach: "I guess I need to carry a soccer ball to barter and distract." LOL! You might want to bring a few in case the first one pops, though. It's hard to imagine the damage those huge claws could do.

"So safe to say the soccer ball is gonna be dead but it's worth it to see him play how cute!" said Angela Tibbs. "Also scary to see all that power he/she is a beautiful animal." You said it! Someone will be very disappointed when they find their flattened ball, but we think this video is oh-so-worth it.

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